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I experienced four sessions with Lori last year. I was extremely stressed out and overwhelmed with full time work, school, and trying to conceive for over half of a year. After the first session, I already began to feel different. Everything felt a little more clear and calmer than usual. After the second session, I noticed that I stopped clenching my teeth while driving to work and through rush hour traffic. I really believe that the reflexology sessions helped me reduced my overall stress and allowed my body to relax so that I could feel more peace instead of trying to force my life to happen according to a set schedule. Two weeks after our last session, I found out I was with child. THANK YOU, LORI, truly thank you! Cheryl H. Brighton MI 4-7-06

I came to Lori to try out reflexology since I have tried everything else for my sore knee. I couldn't believe the difference after one session. The pain has been gone for five months now. I just couldn't get over how reflexology could do this. I now use reflexology for any body aches and pains and for stress reduction. JT Fenton MI 6-1-06

Lori, I just wanted you to know that one hour after that glorious massage you gave me that I was in the hospital passing the kidney stone that has been with me for the last couple of months. You relaxed me so much that my kidney stone decided to "move on down"! It happened so fast, I couldn't believe it! I can't wait for my next massage! Thanks again Lori - the massage was "heaven" S.M. Brighton Mi 2/5/08

Occipital Neuralgia....is anyone familiar with this affliction? It is terrible pain in the back of the neck up and around the back of the ear. Some people confuse it with a migraine headache. It is not. It is something pressing on a nerve. It is a throbbing, pulsating, like voltage going into your head, it is the worst pain and it is constant, no relief and it lasts anywhere from 2-3 months at a time (I am serious). I have been to many doctors, and ended up at The Michigan Head and Neurological Center in Ann Arbor MI. There I received steroid shots into my head, sometimes seven at a time. The relief lasted between 1-2 days. They put me in the hospital and went into the C2 in my neck and heated the nerve, it lasted about a week. The office calls were terribly expensive.... too expensive for only a day or two of relief. I got a flier in my paper box from Heel-N-Soles and I thought that reflexology sounded interesting.... why not give it a try? I called and talked to Lori. After hearing what I had to say, she suggested Deepstone Therapy (hot & cold). Oh MY GOSH!!!!!What a relief.... Two sessions and I feel the BEST I have felt in a long time!!!!I have to say, after being with Lori, I can tell you this is not just a job for her. She is genuinely interested in her clients and gives 100% and then some. I have had massages before, but nothing like this. She really cares and is very good at what she does. I am so grateful to you Lori. The pain is gone!!!!!! J.T. Brighton MI Aug 2008

In my eight month of pregnancy my sciatic nerve became so inflamed I was confined to the lower level of my home. I was also tied to a walker and cane just to get around. Unfortunately, no one could do much for me until after I delivered my baby because I was considered a high-risk pregnancy. After my son was born, I tried physical therapy and a chiropractor, but these didn't helped me. I called Lori at Heel-N-Soles, and explained my condition and she came to my home. After the first treatment I was able to walk without the walker or cane. Because my muscles were so tight from having the sciatica for a few months, I received two more sessions that week to make sure the muscles didn't start tightening up again. After my third session, my muscles were loose enough that I felt confident that I could carry my son. This was so important to me because I finally could be by myself without having someone come into my home to help me and I could take care of my son on my own. Lori was great and I recommend her Hot and Cold Deepstone Therapy. Colleen L. Linden MI July 2008

One of my client of mine was telling me how bad her carpal tunnel hurt and she was very close to letting the doctors do surgery on her. I suggested she try Deepstone Therapy before she let the doctor operate and this is what she said. After one session this is what she said the next day when I asked her how she felt. "One of the best night’s sleep I've had without drugs! Wrists feel so much better, about 75% better than they did. No aches in my arms which always starts first thing in the morning when I type. I highly recommend the treatment. Can't wait for the next one!" Sharon Brighton MI Aug 2008

When I got to Lori’s I could barely move my upper body and was in a lot of pain.  I was also having trouble taking deep breaths. I had just been released from the hospital even though they never figured out what was wrong with me. Because they had ruled out heart trouble as well as other things, I felt pretty confident the pain was muscular.   Lori said she believed I could benefit from Deepstone Therapy. My muscles were so tight I had a terrible time trying to get on the massage table without being in excruciating pain. After Lori worked on me one time I felt better than I had felt in three years!  I was very excited about how I felt and couldn't believe how Deepstone Therapy relaxed my muscles as fast as it did. I looked like a different man when I left.  A. A. Fenton MI Aug 2008

 I am a 40-year-old woman who has suffered with chronic back pain for 22 years. I have tried so many things for my back pain and nothing has worked until I started seeing Lori. The first time I walked up to her door I was literally hunched over and crooked. The first visit Lori worked on me for over an hour because I was in such bad shape. When I left that day, I could actually walk out and stand straight. I believe that I went every few days for a few weeks and I was like brand new. I have never felt better!!! I had been going to the chiropractor for over a year and it was only a one or two-day fix for me. I even had a chiropractor tell me that my legs were different sizes and had to have an insert in my shoes and get adjusted every day for 6 weeks. The only way to find out if my legs were different lengths was to do an X-ray of my bones, which was not done. I do not take muscle relaxers or pain meds anymore since I have been going to Lori. I have missed out on so much time with my kids and my family because of my back. If you are suffering at all you HAVE to try her out. A.L. Howell MI 2012

Lori is so professional & always makes my body feel great. I highly recommend her. You will be a return client. She truly is amazingBrenda H – Brighton MI 2018

Lori is a true therapist. I've been going to her for years and she never stops learning. She is continually adding more services and honing her skills. She does it all: relaxation, pain relief, deep tissue, reflexology, facials, etc., etc., etc. I highly recommend her. Beth G. Milford MI 2018 

Lori has done my eyebrows and I’m satisfied EVERY time! She is also great at lashes! I love Lori!! She is beyond exceptional!  Abby H - Brighton MI

Lori is GREAT! Very relaxing environment. She takes time to ask what you like/don't like so she can personalize every massage to one's wants and needs. I love the hot rocks! She is awesome, highly recommend.  Allie H - Howell MI  2018

Lori of Lorlilly is nothing short of a miracle worker! Not only is she very professional, she has helped me find relief with a chronic jaw issue. She takes her time and makes sure she understands all of your pain points and will work her hardest to get you back to 100%! I cannot wait to try her facials. If it's anything like her massages, I know it's going to be amazing. So thankful to have found her. I just can't recommend her enough!  Robbyn C - Hartland MI 2018  

I have gotten facials, waxing, and massage from Lori and she always does a fantastic job. I love her space. It’s always warm, inviting, and clean!!  Morgan W - Howell MI 2018 

Quiet and comfortable atmosphere. I’ve experienced all services and have been so happy! Massage and reflexology helped me get back on my feet after running a half marathon, and I absolutely love Image skincare and what it’s doing for my skin! Highly recommend!Katie H - Howell MI 2018

You would love to have any of the many services that Lori has to offer. She is very knowledgeable and professional. Her room is always clean, inviting and relaxing. The table for massages is comfortable and warm on a cold winters day. She always uses great quality products for her massages, facials and peels. Lori is very compassionate and cares about her clients. I would highly recommend her for and of her services.... if not, you’re missing out!Angela K. - Hartland 2018

Lori is amazing! She is so knowledgeable about everything she provides and does a great job ensuring you that you are getting exactly what you want! She goes the extra mile every time! Plus, she is so personable and makes you feel relaxed & comfortable! Great experience!  Lindsey K - Hartland MI 2018

I wouldn't go anywhere else! She is the best at what she does. I’ve been going to her for years and would highly recommend her!  Sharon M - Brighton MI 2018

Lori is an exceptional massage therapist and reflexologist with incredible skills to provide the most relaxing and physiologically appropriate therapies. Lori is VERY professional. Always runs on-time. Her spa room is charming and I begin to relax from the moment I enter it. I am so excited that Lori has added facials to her spa talent. The facials and products are amazing. I never had a facial or used products on my skin. Lori has educated me and the difference in my skin is noticeable. Nina T Commerce MI– April 2018

Lorlilly provides a great and relaxing environment.  The products that she uses are wonderful.  I have been going to her for years for massage/reflexology and now for facials.  S.T. April 2018

Lori is excellent at what she does, either massage or facials. Very passionate about her profession and strives for excellence! I could not be happier with the services she performs. I have been doing facials and chemical peels and see a huge improvement in my skin. I love the products she uses (image) and the knowledge she has of them!! Would highly recommend.   Lori’s space is very professional, clean and welcoming. Well stocked with the products you need.   Carol B. Dexter, MI April 2018

I met Lori over 10 years ago when she attached a flyer to the outside of my mailbox advertising Reflexology and massages. I started going to her for reflexology and WOW amazing! I felt so relaxed afterward, it really helped my aches all over my body. Then when I was pregnant my son was sitting on my sciatic nerve the last month of my pregnancy which damaged my nerve and made walking very painful to the point I had to use a walker…I had several months of physical therapy that did not help me at all, it wasn’t until I called Lori and she came to my home and massaged me with hot and cold stones and a deep tissue massage that actually got deep into the my issue and loosened my muscles from the tighten sciatic nerve that help me walk normal again after two massages…I was truly thankful to Lori, she helped me walk and move without pain…I had been crippled by the pain for several months and with in a week I felt amazing! She just became a licensed Esthetician and I tried one of her facials, the Anti-aging facial…WOW! It was so relaxing, while I had on one of the masks she did some reflexology which is included in her facial and I went home feeling so relaxed and I have been getting comments all week on my face that it has this natural glow! I have been using the products from Image that Lori sent me home with to try for 4 days now and I can already see a difference in my skin, its still glowing and it doesn’t feel tight or dry and I have notice my sunspots are already starting to fade away…I am seriously impressed! I just placed an order with her for the products she recommended for me. Lori is extremely knowledgeable in every aspect of her business both with massage therapy and as an Esthetician and she is just a wonderful sweet woman filled with a ray of sunshine, you will love her!  Colleen L. Linden MI  2018

Lori is an outstanding therapist and reflexologist who brings her love and passion to her work. You are in good hands with her.  Cheryl S.  Aug 2018

I have loved every service at Lorlilly Spa! Clean, relaxing, and professional atmosphere and great services. Lori is amazing!  Morgan W. Feb 2019

Lori is amazing! I get the most amazing massages from her - she is knowledgeable, educated, and wonderful to be around! I also started a skincare routine from the Image line she carries and I’m so thrilled with the results already! You won’t be disappointed with any of her services!  Krtisti D. March 2019

Lori is amazing!! And I’ve had a lot of massages in my lifetime. I originally started seeing Lori over a year ago, for pain management. Every time I come to her for help, my issue is eliminated. She’s thorough, and extremely knowledgeable. I’ve never had to wait more than a day to get on her schedule. My mother, and close friends now see Lori for all of their massage and facial needs. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else. Stacey S. Oct 2020

I have five diseases including 4 autoimmune. I have been to countless physical and massage therapists. There is a major difference between just a regular massage therapist and a neuromuscular massage therapist! Plus, Lori is certified in myofascial release. I have been looking all around for myofascial and drive an hour one way. If you have trigger points, chronic pain, this is your lady! Also affordable. Olivia B December 2020

Lori is absolutely amazing!  I have suffered from headaches my entire life and ever since I have started going to her, I can say, I have more relief than with any other massage therapist I have been to before!  100% will recommend her to anyone.  Megan B. February 2021

Lori is an absolute pleasure to work with.  She fully educates you on your services and makes sure you are 100% satisfied before you leave.  I am looking forward to more services with her.  Angie M. April 2021

Most fantastic reflexology ever.  I have had reflexology services all over the world in Asia and Europe.  Lorlilly Spa services are the best.  Highly Recommend.  Cherie R.  April 2021

I have had the big store spa massages and facials.  They cannot touch the quality of a one on one professional that truly cares about your health and well being.  Thank you Lori for bringing quality back to life!  Michelle P.  Howell MI January 2022



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