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Re-Opening My Spa - Sanitizing and Disinfecting


I want everyone to feel free to ask me any questions about my sanitizing (cleaning) and disinfecting practices.  Being in the spa business, I have ALWAYS followed sanitizing and disinfecting practices after every single person with hospital grade disinfectant.  Going forward, I will be doing even more disinfecting because of COVID-19.   It will now take me a lot longer in-between each client because of the extensive cleaning and disinfecting that has to be done.  Rest assured that everything in my room will be cleaned and disinfected after every client.  

I have an air cleaning system with UV protection which kills airborne germs including staph, influenza, rhinovirus and pneumonia.  Titanium Dioxide is activated by the UV-C light to decompose remaining molecules.  This system contains a True HEPA Filter which captures dust mites, pollen, pet dander and many other allergy triggers.  It has a Pre-Filter and charcoal layer which captures large dust particles.

I have electronic forms, so whenever possible, I would like to send the forms out before the appointment.  I would welcome anyone that would like to talk about any skin concerns to do so via text or a phone call before their appointment.  This would give me time to prepare any samples for you to take home the day of your appointment.  


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